Family tradition, strong and on-going commitment to innovation and respect for human and environmental values: these are the choices that have driven Varigrafica since its establishment in 1965.
These values have always been fundamental to the philosophy and style of the Adario family, one generation after another: the people at the heart of our universe, their talent and their qualities have been exalted and supported by state-of-the-art technology infused with the deepest respect for the surrounding environment. These are gifts that the owners have handed down to the company, thereby creating a “large family” that has grown in such a way as not to forget its local and national origins but to foster a natural vocation that is leading to the company’s internationalisation. The corporate plant is currently one of the most advanced in Europe from both structural and technological viewpoints and it perfectly incorporates the old school for printing arts and application of the latest technologies to ensure the highest possible quality and serve customers, thereby generating the best projects and ideas – from design to printing… up to final delivery.


Quality results and customer satisfaction have been the priorities at Variagrifica for fifty years thanks to a balanced alchemy of values based on natural propensity to use technological innovation and always supported by crafted experience and solutions, driven by on-going research into the best materials and never neglecting respect for the environment through continuous training for technicians to ensure faster execution, safer work and high-quality results via continuous monitoring of the most sophisticated technologies and the expert eyes of managers and technicians – as occurs in the most consolidated printing traditions.


Varigrafica supports customers from as early as the preliminary stages in a project, offering its skills and technologies to develop innovative and successful solutions. Creative staff backed by pre-press experts create the premises to ensure that the value of a technological system also becomes a value for clients through tailor-made designs “sewn” according to a customer’s production and communication needs.
A team of experts and professionals follow every stage in operations to ensure that a project becomes a quality result.
This division offers a personalised service designed to meet every possible need. Varigrafica can support clients from the design stage to product distribution thanks to fully-automated processes.

Varigrafica offers personalized and designed
service for every need

The production covers an area
of 12,500 square meters

A team of 90 people coordinates and manages
the supply chain from concept to distribution


Full automation in all production processes, on-demand production, customisation and micro-circulation are made possible due to adoption of innovative technologies and production infrastructure digitalisation.
A digital platform governs the entire workflow – from graphic plant acquisition and elaboration to product printing and finishing.



We ensure an effective end result through meticulous care from


Varigrafica was the first company in the world to adopt H-UV offset technology


Renowned German company Heidelberg needs no introduction, as its background


The HP Indigo press can undoubtedly be considered the most evolved and efficient digital offset printing


A capacity to go beyond printing: printing that we could define multi-sensorial and tactile


Post-production is often outsourced, but not at Varigrafica

The automation of the process follows the
product from concept to distribution

21 million A4 sheets printed equivalent per day

Varigrafica supports customers from the
preliminary phases of the project



21 million sheets of A4 paper per day means average annual production of over 5.5 billion sheets of A4 paper with 4+4 colour printing and relative packaging. This is joined by inserting and sending 500,000 C5-format pieces per day.
Production is carried out on premises covering 12,500 square metres, 6,500 of which indoors, and entails work carried out by 90 specialists every day. In addition to large circulations of every possible type of printed material, small quantities may be made on-demand – including just one copy – thanks to advanced digital printing system technology.


Varigrafica also assumes the responsibilities required in modern times with respect to the environment: in fact the company has advanced low-emission production systems that fully respect the ecosystem and comply with FSC and PEFC chain-of-custody requirements issued by international bodies to certify that the entire production chain operates in an ethical and responsible manner. Varigrafica products have received ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.i, certificano la gestione etica e responsabile dell’intera filiera produttiva. I prodotti Varigrafica hanno conseguito le certificazioni ISO 9001 e 14001.



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